Al Basel Stream is a complete solution for online radio stations, it consists of all the tools needed to manage your multimedia content, broadcast your live stream and interact with your audience by taking requests and dedications from different sources and automatically playing them for the listeners when there are no human DJs are available.

In this brochure we will showcase the features and the technology of Al Basel Stream solution.

Al Basel Stream Features:

  • Support for different kind of streaming formats: mp3, avi, mp4, oga, ogv and many more.
  • Support running a live stream or a talk show.
  • Built in AutoDJ system, the AutoDJ can
    1. Play random music from your library, or
    2. Play a set of predefined playlists.
    3. Take requests from many sources; like the website, a twitter hashtag or an IRC channel. And then it will queue the requested songs in a first come first serve basis. The AutoDJ also will display the requester’s nickname in the website.
    4. Take dedications of music from the website, twitter or an IRC channel and then play the dedicated song and announce the dedication on the radio and the website.
    5. Listeners can create their own playlists and request them all together using IRC command lines, can be enabled in the website or a phone app in the future.
    6. The AutoDJ can play commercials or advertisements in between songs. These advertisements can be submitted as text or audio files.
  • Other features of the radio may depend on the server hosting the radio. Like the bandwidth and storage space. Which can determine how many songs you can upload to the server and how many listeners can connect to the server..

Al Basel Stream composition

Al Basel Stream consists of the following servers:

  • A streaming server: this is a standard streaming server that listeners can connect to and play the stream, the server can stream mp3, avi, mp4 and many other stream formats.
  • A decoding server: this server will decode the mp3 that is being played and then encode it to a specific sample rate to prepare it for broadcasting. Multiple instances can run for this server for multiple broadcasting sample rates.. eg. Lower sample rate music for listeners with slower internet and higher sample rates music for better quality music and for listeners with faster internet.
  • File hosting server: this will hold all the media files and will have an interface so you can upload/organize your media files, create playlist and queue music the way you want to.
  • An automatic DJ robot: this robot will be always online listening to requests from the website, the social media and any other place we want. It can queue requests, announce dedications and it can add new music to the radio from other online sources.
  • A broadcasting station: this will allow a human DJ to take over the radio stream and broadcast music/voice or anything they want.. like a talk show or news maybe.. for this the DJ will need to install some third party software on the PC to be able to connect to the broadcasting server.


Al Basel Stream Development

The application is built with a simple and straight forward API to allow developers to integrate their applications with the radio..

This will allow the radio to take requests from a lot of other places and interact with listeners in a lot of ways.