We run and maintain a network of Linux servers hosted with trusted partners. We manually configure and install our own software and we can customize things according to your needs. We are always working on updating and securing our servers, so you can always trust that your website is in safe hands.

Our infrastructure consist of the following:

  1. RAID-10 disk storage
  2. High Quality Enterprise Hardware
  3. 1Gbps Ports
  4. Centos OS.
  5. Advanced firewall to protect against brute-force attacks.

All our servers are 100% managed by us, and we do the following to ensure our uninterrupted services:

  1. 24/7 services monitoring to insure uptime and security.
  2. 24/7 logging of all the activities on the servers. logs are read and analysed daily and any activity that can jeopardize the quality of our services is investigated and stopped.
  3. Weekly backups for all websites and emails to remote locations.
  4. Monthly OS and Software updates to get the latest critical updates.

We are dedicated to provide the best hosting experience to our customers, when it comes to hosting websites, our main concerns are security and uptime.

Our hosting servers are scalable and we can actively upgrade our servers without interrupting the  services. We save daily and weekly backups to a remote location, so it can be used in case of a disaster.

We provide hosting in competitive prices and we can scale your plans to match what you need anytime you want.