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Websites startup Packages:

1- Static Website: A website that does not have a control panel to add/remove/modify content. A company profile usually with 4 pages. Home, About us, Our services and contact us. Comes with free hosting and a free domain for a year.

2- A dynamic website: A fully functioning dynamic website with a control panel so the user can have a complete control over the content of the website. the website can be anything: webstore, company profile, multipurpose website, wordpress blog, forum or whatever you want. It can have as many pages as needed. If you don’t purchase any support/maintenance/development package with this website we will only aid you to start with 4 pages like the static website and then the rest will be up to you. Comes with free hosting and a free domain for a year.

Websites after sales support:

After your website has been created we will always be there for you. and we will always be keeping your design and content up to date.
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